Our Crew

Boston Honey CompanyANDY is the founder and chief apiarist. Driven by his love for beekeeping, he has turned a spark of interest into a busy, full-time apiary. Instinctively drawn to the outdoors, beekeeping was the perfect opportunity for Andy to combine his love for nature and love for food. His culinary training background gave him the palate and scrutiny to appreciate and produce top quality honey. Beekeeping is a self-taught trade that he continues to experiment with, developing his skills season after season.

Boston Honey CompanyADDIE is our co-owner, office manager, skincare specialist, and candle maker. She has been a strong supporter of the apiary from our very beginnings, and continues to do so by bringing in new ideas, and utilizing hive by-products sustainably. Addie has learned the trade by working alongside Andy, and she is committed to growing our apiary and caring for our bees.

Boston Honey CompanyEVAN has been working alongside his father for many years now, and has been a part of the business since a very young age. He has a sweet tooth for honey, love for bees, and a wealth of accumulated knowledge from his father. He has put in many working hours and support for the business.

Boston Honey CompanyNICK is an apiarist, sales rep, and crew member whose diverse set of skills make him a valuable asset to our team. He has a deep love for nature and a true appreciation for the bees and our craft. Nick is a well educated, adventurous, and multitalented individual that takes pride in the accomplishments of a hard-day's work. Having found his calling with our apiary, Nick is very committed to the job and keeping our high standards of quality.