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5-frame nucs (with unmarked queen)
5-frame nucs (with unmarked queen)

5-frame nucs (with unmarked queen)

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Your Price: $225.00
Part Number: 60
Availability: Out of Stock. Pickup (HOLLISTON FARMSTAND)

Bee stock is a mix of VSH Carniolan, and Pol-line strains. All bees come from our parent colonies and have been inspected by Massachusetts, New York and/or Georgia Apiary inspectors. 60% of frames are new comb, less than 1 year old. Minimum of 3 frames sealed brood (avg. 4), all 5 frames drawn out. No frame exchanges. All Nucs come in the Jester plastic corrugated boxes that are re-usable.

PICK-UP DATE: Tentative date is Saturday 5/6/23 (We don’t ship nucs). Please note: pick-up date is subject to change. If so, we will post the updates on this page.

PICK-UP LOCATION: 45 Chestnut St., Holliston, MA 01746

PICK-UP TIME: 8am - noon

PRICE: $225.00

Submitting an order with payment for the purchase of honeybee nuc(s) from Boston Honey Company, Inc., you understand and agree with the following:

  1. Pick-up date: Beekeeping is an outdoor activity, and is subject to weather conditions. Therefore, a change on the pick-up date may occur (once we set the date for delivery, we will do our best to keep it).
  2. We use sustainable mite control strategies to keep varroa numbers low; small hive beetle may be present, but will not cause harm to the bees in our climate (New England).
  3. Installing our Nucs into older comb or in dead-outs (unknown cause), you may be exposing the bees to brood diseases that will affect colony health, and is not the responsibility of Boston Honey Company, Inc.
  4. Prior to delivery, we inspect every nuc for quality and queenright. If, at installation, you find that the Nuc is queenless, or if you are not satisfied with the nuc, re-pack the 5 frames with bees in the box provided, and return to us, so we can inspect it (AT INSTALLATION; NOT DAYS OR WEEKS LATER. Also, do not shake the bees out and return just the frames). You must call us before bringing the nuc back.
  5. There is a $25.00 cancellation fee.

In purchasing, I certify that I have read and agree with all the TERMS OF SALE AGREEMENT.

***Please purchase individually from other products or you will not be provided with pickup/shipping options and will not be able to checkout.***