Nucs (bees) for sale

Posted by admin on 1/28/2017 to Bees for Sale
To all our nuc customers: This year, we'll have a vendor selling our nucs in the New England area. If you would like to place an order for our nucs, please contact this company:

Hillside Apiaries and Beekeeping Supplies


5-frame nucs. Bee stock is a mix of Buckfast, VSH carniolan and Pol-line strains; un-marked queens. All bees come from our parent colonies and have been inspected by Massachusetts, New York and/or Georgia Apiary inspectors.

60% of frames are new comb, less than 1year old. Minimum of 3 frames sealed brood (avg. 4), all 5 frames drawn out. No frame exchange. All Nucs are treated with Fumagilin for Nosema. Nucs come in the Jester plastic corrugated boxes that are re-usable.