Wishing Spring

Posted by Evan Reseska on 3/7/2014 to Notes from the Beeyard

With Spring just around the corner,we are excited for the coming of the warmer weather.Good looking queen Spring is a time of growth and bee development. With some of our bees in Georgia, the warm weather is a great benefit. Our bees have been harvesting a steady flow of pollen from Maple, Willow, Titi, and our hives are growing steadily. We are seeing great hive development; our operation is in full stride, making splits and raising queens. Some of our hives are pollinating some 300 acres of organic blueberries.

But this warm weather of early spring dries the underbrush and fields rather quickly. Fire danger level is extreme. We experienced a small setback on Veterans Day, when a fire broke out in a field at the home yard. Luckily, the wind pushed the fire thru the field, burning the grass under the bee pallets quickly. Sparks from a bee smoker, coupled with very dry grass and an east wind, got the fire going extremely fast. Our crew acted quickly in saving a number of hives and containing the fire. We learned from this event, and steps have been taken to improve our fire prevention throughout our fields.

Our bees in Massachusetts are still entrenched in the snow. We've had a few warm days, which allowed our bees a few cleansing flights, but for now our bees remain inside. When the warm northern Spring does arrive, our bees will be in full flight, gathering the first pollen of the season from skunk cabbage, and the more important, Maple tree bloom.

With Spring comes a pollen filled season, and for those suffering with bad allergies, we’d like to recommend our Infused honey.

All our honeys are unfiltered, therefore containing small amounts of pollen. Our Infused honey is our Massachusetts wildflower honey infused with extra pollen and propolis harvested from our hives. The result is a thick, nutty taste honey, loaded with pollen and propolis. Customers that have tried this honey product have given us positive feedback. Give it a try and let us know what you think. All of our honeys are raw, unfiltered, Kosher PARVE and Kosher for Passover Certified.

Bee well,

Evan Reseska