Boston Honey Company
We are a producer of raw, unfiltered honey in Massachusetts, New York, and Georgia. Kosher PARVE and Kosher for Passover certified.

About Honey

Honey is a complex substance and the only sweetener needing no additional processing. For bees, it is the carbohydrate of their diet, while pollen is their protein. Honey is imparted with extraordinary properties that were first discovered thousands of years ago, and are still being discovered today. Honey contains enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, trace minerals and various compositions of plant sugars.

A word on crystallization

Honey is predominantly simple sugars; it is prone to crystallization the rate at which is determined by the types of flowers visited, and the sugar profile found in the nectar harvested, not by virtue of the honey being raw. For instance, honeys comprised primarily of fruit sugars (fructose), like Purple Loosestrife or Tupelo, are often very slow to crystallize, if they do at all. Other honeys, comprised of more glucose sugars, like Aster and Goldenrod, are quick to harden. When honey hardens it is not spoiled. Just put your jar in a pan of hot tap water and it will liquify.

*For more information about honey composition, crystallization, and other honey related topics,
please visit the National Honey Board's Honey Reference Guide.

Our honey

All of our honeys are unique in flavor, color, texture, and quantity due to location, weather, and floral source. Our monofloral honeys are extracted in small batches by hand. All honey we produce is raw, unfiltered and Kosher (PARVE). Our products are available in supermarkets, specialty stores, farm stands throughout Massachusetts, and in our on-line store.

We invite you to try our honey products, and celebrate a season's harvest in every spoonful.

From our family to yours! Enjoy!