Boston Honey Company

At our apiaries, we take pride in the diversity of our honeys. Every honey we offer boasts a unique blend of flavors, colors, and textures, reflecting the distinctiveness of their origin - from the local weather conditions to the abundant floral sources. Our monofloral honeys are extracted by hand, ensuring small batches that preserve the natural essence of each variety. All our honey products are raw, unfiltered, and Kosher (PARVE) certified.

Our products are available in supermarkets, specialty stores, farm stands across Massachusetts, at our farm store in Holliston, and through our convenient online store.

We invite you to try our honey products and celebrate the season’s harvest in every spoonful.

From our family to yours! Enjoy!

The Reseska Family

About crystallization

Honey primarily consists of simple sugars, and its tendency to crystallize depends on the types of flowers visited and the sugar profile present in the harvested nectar, rather than being influenced solely by whether the honey is raw or not. For instance, honeys rich in fruit sugars (fructose), such as Purple Loosestrife or Tupelo honey, tend to crystallize slowly, if at all. On the other hand, honeys with a higher glucose sugar content, like Aster and Goldenrod honey, tend to crystallize more rapidly.

It's essential to note that crystallization does not indicate spoilage in honey. If your honey hardens over time, simply place the jar in a pan of hot tap water, and it will return to its liquid form. This natural process of crystallization in honey does not affect its quality or taste.

Our honey

Massachusetts Wildflower 

This exquisite honey captures the essence of each passing season, artfully crafted to reflect the year's harvest in Massachusetts. It is a harmonious blend, crafted from a diverse array of nectar sources such as Buckthorn, Black Locust, Purple Loosestrife, Goldenrod, Linden, Japanese Knotweed, Basswood, and numerous other wildflowers. 

The amber hue of this honey heralds its complexity, while the flavor profile leaves a lasting impression. It's a unique tapestry of flavors that beautifully encapsulates the cycle of seasons, a true celebration of nature's bounty in every drop. 


Basswood honey boasts a unique and invigorating flavor, characterized by a delightful, refreshing minty finish that pairs exceptionally well with teas, fruit salads, yogurt, ice cream, and a myriad of recipes. 


Discover the remarkable flavor of Clethra honey, with its unique peppery and licorice-like taste. A truly rare delicacy, we highly recommend savoring this honey on its own to relish its distinctive notes or elevate your culinary experience by pairing it with your favorite cheeses. 

Japanese Knotweed 

Japanese Knotweed honey captivates with its dark, robust profile, boasting an earthy and nutty sweetness that stands confidently on its own. This exceptional honey not only pairs harmoniously with cheeses and breads but also adds a truly distinctive touch to any culinary creation, leaving an unforgettable signature on every dish. 

Infused with Pollen and Propolis 

All unfiltered honey contains trace amounts of pollen. Our infused honey is our MA wildflower infused with extra fresh pollen and propolis collected from our hives. The result is delicious nutty tasting honey. We recommend it to allergy sufferers, or someone looking for an extra energy boost. 

Northeast Harvest 

Our Northeast Harvest is gathered from bee colonies located upstate NY. This honey comprises of nectar from Goldenrod, Aster, Knapweed, and many other wildflowers that bloom in our neighboring northern state. Due to the nectar source, this honey is prone to crystallize fast; it is light in taste and color.