Our apiary - Boston Honey Company

Our Massachusetts’ apiaries spread across the farms of Concord, revolutionary battlefields of Lincoln, community centers, public park lands, and many generous private sites from our home of Holliston to its neighbors and beyond. Our locations are carefully selected for; ease of access, abundance of floral resources, sustainability, water, and natural protection from wind and flooding. We provide adequate forage space for our honeybees, ensuring our hives are located according to the natural resources an area has for them.

As our apiaries grew, we started migrating south to Georgia. By doing so, we allow our bees to replenish from losses that occur during the honey season in the Northeast, and we are able to keep our crew busy during the Winter’s months. While in Georgia, we provide farms with pollination services, and we harvest another crop of honeys: Gallberry, Southern Wildflower, and Tupelo; a flavorful addition to our offerings.

These bees come back robust and ready for the later spring of the north. And with the strong stock, we have extended our apiaries to upstate of New York, giving our bees more adequate space and forage to thrive. This allows our northern stock to not only produce a honey crop, but also pollinate crucial farm crops in that region.