Our apiary - Boston Honey Company

We have established our Massachusetts apiaries across diverse locations, spanning from the farms of Concord and the historic battlefields of Lincoln to community centers, public park lands, and generous private sites in Holliston and beyond. The selection of these locations is meticulous, considering factors such as accessibility, abundant floral resources, sustainability, access to water, and natural protection from wind and flooding. Each site is thoughtfully chosen to provide optimal conditions for our honeybees, ensuring they have ample forage space and access to the natural resources of their environment.

As our apiaries expanded, we ventured southward to Georgia, enabling our bees to recover from losses that occur during the honey season in the Northeast. In Georgia, we offer pollination services to farms and gather another set of honeys, including Gallberry, Southern Wildflower, and Tupelo, which serve as delightful additions to our existing offerings.

Our bees return from Georgia with renewed strength and vigor, well-prepared for the later spring in the northern regions. With the advantage of robust stock, we have extended our apiaries to upstate New York, granting our bees even more space and forage to flourish. This expansion not only allows our northern bees to produce a plentiful honey crop but also supports essential pollination of crucial farm crops in the region.