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Boston Honey Company

We are grateful to the honeybee and for all that it gives.

The above slogan is the cornerstone of our beekeeping. First and foremost, our apiary is an act of appreciation for the honeybee. Not only would there be no Boston Honey Company without the triumph of the honeybee, but there are also easier ways to make a living than the often tricky and hard industry of apiculture. Our apiary is worked with care and passion for honeybees and all that they produce. Bees are fantastic creatures that have evolved to be crucial elements of nature and our food supply. The lives and functions of bees are extraordinary, giving us appreciative pause. So before we can put care into our honey, candles, pollen, and skin care products, we have to put care into our bees. Our reverence and attention is in-line with the best of animal husbandry.

Do not forget that as insects, bees are vital animals. They are not disposable due to number, or unimportant due to size! These attributes make them the powerful force that they are. We do not employ the use of harmful practices or treatments. Our organic methodology, sustainable actions, and intense focus on each individual colony, creates plenty of work; but work which we are glad to undertake.

The crops our bees pollinate are the fruit and produce of your spring, summer, fall, and winter cellar. The foods of the local farms that you consume are tethered right to us, especially the savory honey we provide. We care about their quality, the quality of your health, and the satisfaction those services bring you. Our honey is pure, raw, unfiltered, Kosher PARVE and Kosher for Passover certified. We are truly grateful to the honeybee and for all that it gives!