Our first hive - Boston Honey CompanyIn 1995, my journey into beekeeping began when I purchased my very first beehive. From that moment, my fascination with honeybees only deepened with each passing day. As I acquired more hives, what started as a hobby soon transformed into a rewarding side job. Four years down the line, our company, the Boston Honey Company, was founded.

Over time, we expanded our operations, establishing apiaries across Massachusetts to offer crucial crop pollination services to local farms. Alongside this, we diligently produced a honey that carries a unique signature, embodying the essence of the land where our bees freely roam.

As our company blossomed, we ventured beyond state borders, broadening our product offerings while remaining steadfast in our commitment to truthfully represent the origin of each honey. This unwavering approach allows us to provide our customers with a diverse array of honeys, each boasting a distinctive taste derived from the abundant flora of its land.

Throughout our growth, we have remained devoted to our honeybees and the environment they thrive in. Our dedication extends to our valued customers who appreciate the natural wonders our honeybees help create. It is the same curiosity and passion that ignited our love for beekeeping years ago that continue to fuel our drive to this day.

Thank you,