Our first hive - Boston Honey CompanyIn 1995 I bought my first beehive, and that started everything. My amazement with bees grew each day. That first hive led to others; that hobby became a side job, and four years later our company, Boston Honey Company, was created. We established our apiaries across Massachusetts, offering crop pollination to local farms, and producing a honey that evokes a unique signature of the land that our bees roam.

Since that first hive, our company has grown across state lines, expanding the products offerings, but keeping up with the same commitment of truth representation of each product according with the state on which it was produced. By doing so, we can provide our customers with a wide variety of honeys that have a distinctive taste from the land flora they represent.

As we continue to grow; we remain committed to our bees, our environment, to our customers, and to live up to the curiosity and passion which first sparked our beekeeping years ago.


Andy Reseska, Boston Honey Company